Can’t wait for smooth ride

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AT last, Sheffield is turning the corner towards a smoother ride as a pledge is made that work resurfacing the city’s crumbling roads will finally get under way in six months’ time.

The first workmen will begin the job in August or September after the final choice of a contractor is made in April.

And an added bonus will come the city’s way in the form of 100 new jobs on top of securing work for 500 members of the Street Force department who will be transferred.

No reader of The Star’s letters page can fail to be aware of the feelings of the city’s motorists and passengers about the state of our roads.

They have been allowed to lapse into a dreadful state making the city the laughing stock of the country.

This work is not only long overdue but should never have been needed in the first place, had the roads been regularly and adequately maintained.

At least part of the 25-year deal which will pay for the resurfacing work is a pledge to maintain the road network into the near future.

Good news all round. We can’t wait for the smooth ride.

Giving clear view to wider chances

LOCAL businesses will be grateful to Sheffield-based legal firm Nabarro and the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels which organised a debate in the city to look at how firms can grow in these challenging times.

For the session came to the conclusion that our smaller hi-tech firms could be missing out through forgotten projects and a failure to consider overseas growth.

The conclusion is that these two oversights are helping to undermine the financial health and prospects of many local firms.

While the event is intended to showcase Yorkshire’s most inspiring science, technology and innovative entrepreneurs, this piece of insight could be invaluable.

Business needs clear thinking of this kind to help it see beyond local horizons to the wider fields of opportunity.

It’s worth gold

WHILE the rest of the country is looking to make the most of the spin-off from the Olympics, Sheffield is already making a big splash. For the city is host to scores of athletes, from many nations, who have set up training camps here courtesy of our first class facilities. And latest is the US diving team, at Ponds Forge. And as a bonus, the athletes have been passing on tips to local schoolchildren. That really is worth a gold medal.