Can’t understand why they turned on Clegg

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I HONESTLY can’t understand why the Lib Dems turned on their leader, Nick Clegg.

There is no way they would have won any parliamentary election and, if by a miracle they did, they would never have a large enough majority to carry any major decisions, like university fees.

The coalition was the only way to be heard in government and with this arrangement, they have to compromise. Would the Lib Dems prefer a coalition between Tories and Labour?

To me (I don’t vote Lib Dem), Nick Clegg did them a favour as now they have a voice through some ministers in government posts which would never have happened otherwise. Why don’t these people look at the positive side instead of knocking their leader and be pleased they are in government with a voice.

If they want to complain, why not do it on the billions we send to corrupt governments abroad so they can live a fabulous life while their people still starve or die of diseases. Each and every one of us must have our services cut to pay for this.

Yet they raised the value of overseas aid.

We need people like Nick Clegg to stop the Tories treating us like second class citizens, don’t you think?

Confused OAP