Can’t expect us to vote for this

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A LEAFLET from my local Labour candidate said if they regain power they will reverse Lib Dem cuts on crime, restore some of the cuts (not all) to Sure Start and restore spending on apprenticeships.

All seemingly reasonable ideas except a month ago they had the chance to vote against these cuts and set an alternative budget to protect these services but they declined.

Only the Greens offered opposition to the cuts and so will be getting my vote as Labour’s recent record shows you just cannot trust that party to deliver or to actually keep their word.

The leaflet gives no indication how they will fund these changes - I’m sorry but you cannot seriously expect people to vote for a last-minute, un-funded proposal which could have major implications on services.

It’s 2011 and people are not as stupid as they seemingly were in the past. A red rosette is not a guarantee of getting votes whether they get the backing of Blunkett or not.

My advice is to vote Green as they at least want to protect services, not destroy them like the other mainstream parties. But it’s your choice. Glossy leaflets do not disguise the contempt Labour councillors show to people.

Mick Ibbotson, Piper Close, S5