Campaigning over parking

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As the debate over the problems parking around the Northern General Hospital has quietened somewhat, I would like to spark it back into life to continue the pressure on a hospital management team who really do not understand the theory of public relations.

It continues to cause the residents of Norwood, Firvale and Crabtree problems for parking and accessing drives with inconsiderate parking.

I fear for the day that an ambulance or fire tender has to traverse the roads in these areas having seen the way people visiting or working at the Northern General have little common sense in the way they park their cars.

Can we as a group of residents not stand up to this?

After all the people who have created this problem are public servants.

May I suggest that in the first instance there is a flyer campaign and possibly signs staked into the verges along the roads asking people to be considerate where they park.

Then, if the problem persists, maybe we could all blockade the roads, only letting in and out the people who live in the area.

Yes this would cause chaos, but only as much chaos as the management team at the Nothern General Hospital has imposed on us as residents for the last five years.

Surely they have made enough money from their car parking now to at least pay for the shattered kerbs, worn out white lines and potholed roads to be rebuilt around the area?

Russell Cutts, Fairbank

Road, Sheffield 5