Campaigning for PASS

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PLEASE support our campaign to save Positive Activities SOVA Sheffield (PASS). The project was funded by Sheffield Council’s Kids Can Do initiative but this has now been cut. If we can’t change their minds or find other funding this valuable project will have to close on May 12.

Based at Park Youth Centre, Samson Street, PASS provides a drop-in youth centre to a range of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Providing a friendly face and space, the project gives young people chance to take part in a wide variety of activities. It is a fantastic example of how, by enabling access to everyday activities along with some basic help, care and understanding, a massive difference can be made to the lives of some of the most vulnerable kids in our community. They have nowhere else like this to go .

Michael, my son, and his younger sisters Lucy and Rebecca go to the project three times a week. It’s an essential part of our lives. Without it I don’t know what we’ll do. It not only benefits my children but helps me too.

Having two children with ADHD is hard work. I can’t let them out much because of their unpredicability but this project provides some respite and a bit of time to recharge our batteries, knowing our children are in a safe enviroment with people that care.

PASS has been running for three years and in that time has worked with more than 500 young people. Many are very vulnerable and isolated with little engagement with mainstream activities, either because of accessability, cost or simply because they don’t feel they fit in. PASS allows them to develop communications and basic life skills and socialise with others in a safe and supported environment.

Theses are young people that don’t often get to do simple things, such as play sports, take part in arts and crafts, go on picnics or trips. For some it keeps them out of trouble and is a real lifeline.

All kids should have somewhere they can do something useful with their time and feel they fit in and that is what PASS allows them to do.

We are devastated by the news that PASS may have to close and want to do all we can to save it. We need your help. Please support us in anyway you can. We have a simple and strong message, we want to save this essential service: Please help us. A lot of young people and their parents/careers depend on PASS.

Louise M Bennet