Campaigners protest over bank’s tax loophole

Uk Uncut protesters outside Barclays Bank, Sheffield.
Uk Uncut protesters outside Barclays Bank, Sheffield.
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DOZENS of protesters campaigning against Government cuts held a rally outside Barclays Bank in Sheffield to highlight claims the firm is not paying enough corporation tax and in opposition to bonuses paid to bosses.

Members of UK Uncut, the Green Party and other organisations attended the protest on Pinstone Street.

They displayed banners and placards condemning the bank and other firms for making use of tax loopholes - which they want closed so the Government has more income and does not have to make as many public spending cuts.

A small number of the 40 to 50 protesters managed to get past security staff at the bank’s entrance.

Once inside, they chanted slogans and handed out leaflets.

Peter Garbutt, of Heeley, a member of Sheffield Green Party, said: “There were a couple of police but the mood was good natured. The event was wet, windy and cold but spirits were high.”