Campaigners ask MP’s help to ban ‘unfair’ land dealings

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Charity members from Sheffield are meeting Nick Clegg to call for action against unscrupulous ‘land grabbing’ in poor countries by foreign investors.

Members of Sheffield Oxfam are today due to sit down with the Deputy Prime Minister at his Hallam constituency office in Nether Green.

‘Land grabbing’ is where foreign investors buy areas of land in poor countries.

Sometimes those who have used the land for generations are unaware that their land, which can include homes and farms, has been sold until a bulldozer turns up at their door.

Josh Parker, a member of Sheffield Oxfam, said: “Across Africa and beyond, big land deals are taking people’s homes, jobs and food. Land grabs must be stopped.”

Josh and other Oxfam campaigners from Sheffield will join thousands of the charity’s supporters in London tomorrow for a mass rally to coincide with a summit on world hunger organised by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Big If rally takes place in Hyde Park and aims to ‘send a message to the world’.