Campaign’s like trying to boil a snowball

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Your campaign against the litter that spoils this city of ours is quite commendable but it’s like trying to boil a snowball, it starts off OK but gets nowhere.

The owner of the dumped suitcase in the the front page photo can be traced because of the flight tag that’s still attached to the handle.

However, having said that a Polish family who moved to Gleadless Valley, dumped the same kind of stuff near my home.

The flight tags were still attached with lots of other information.

I sent photos to what was Sheffield Homes, who in turn forwarded the information to the department who dealt with fly-tipping. A few weeks later I was told that they had lost the photos and information I had provided. I was never contacted to re-send the information.

Parents are to blame for the actions of children who drop litter anywhere because the children have seen their parents do it.

My children put sweet wrappers and such in their pockets and brought it home because this is how we taught them.

We have, for the sole use of tenants on this block of maisonettes where I live, two general household refuse bins and two bins for the recycling of paper, but again people come from other properties and dump their rubbish, soiled nappies are thrown in the recycling bins along with garden refuse – there’s no gardens on the maisonettes where I live.

Just a few weeks ago 12 bags of clothes were dumped. I contacted Damon Pass at Newfield Housing Office and within the hour he had organised one of his excellent estate teams to remove it.

Despite asking for CCTV to be set up to catch these culprits, nothing has been done and the dumping continues.

Then we get Roma immigrants going through the rubbish taking what they think may be OK and when they find it’s no good it’s thrown anywhere.

What no-one seems to have thought about is the upsurge in rubbish and litter started to get into unmanageable proportions was because the Clean Air Act put paid to open fires where most people burned unwanted rubbish as it saved having to buy coal.Old shoes were burned, old furniture was dismantled and burned. That’s all a thing of the past now, so it’s thrown anywhere by uncaring morons.

Vin Malone

by email