Campaign group in fight for ‘Justice’

Asylum Seeker Justice Charles and his British wife Ruby
Asylum Seeker Justice Charles and his British wife Ruby
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A CAMPAIGN has been launched to help a Sheffield woman’s husband continue living in the country.

Asylum seeker Justice Charles, who has lived in Sheffield since 2002, has had his application to remain in the UK turned down and is being held in a detention centre pending deportation.

He was arrested when he turned up for an appointment at the UK Border Agency offices in Sheffield on Thursday.

Justice, aged 35, was told of his fate in May and attempted suicide.

His wife, Ruby Senior, aged 46, claims Border Agency officials have accused the couple of having a ‘sham marriage’, which they deny.

An online petition has now been launched urging the Home Office to rethink its decision to deport Justice to Sierra Leone.

A campaign group in Sheffield is fighting for him to be allowed to remain in the city.

He told the authorities he fled Sierra Leone after being attacked by rebels whilst delivering food aid with the UN and receiving constant threats even after the end of the country’s civil war.

Ruby, a mum-of-five and grandmother-of-two, from Highfield, said: “He has already tried to commit suicide three times because he can’t bear to go back to Sierra Leone after what happened to him there. He was attacked, crushed, set on fire and is scared to go back.”

Sheffield Central MP Paul Bloomfield has written to the Home Office supporting Justice.

Julian Sullivan, vicar of St Mary’s Church, has written a reference, in which he says Justice and Ruby are members of the congregation and volunteer helpers at a lunch club for the elderly.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: “Mr Charles’s case has been fully considered and it has been found he is not in need of protection. This decision was upheld at appeal by an immigration judge.

“Where an individual is found to have no right to be in the UK we expect them to leave voluntarily. If they fail to do so the UK Border Agency will enforce their removal.”