Camgaign group launches petition opposing Stringfellow honour

Peter Stringfellow
Peter Stringfellow
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A second petition has been launched opposing calls for Sheffield City Council to honour the late club tycoon Peter Stringfellow.

Friends of the lapdance club owner want the honour in recognition of what the former General Technology College pupil did for the city’s music scene in the 1960’s and 70s.

They launched the petition after the council said that they cannot consider the request to include his name on the city’s Walk of Fame because they can only include people who are still alive, so they can appear in person.

But now campaign group Not Buying it Sheffield has launched its own counter petition opposing the call because he is “ synonymous with the total glamorisation of the strip industry”.

The petition states: “Whilst we appreciate that friends and family of the late Peter Stringfellow mourn their loss, we feel it would be wholly inappropriate to honour Stringfellow in the Sheffield Walk of Fame alongside local greats such as Gordon Banks, Sean Bean, Michael Palin, Helen Sharman and Jessica Ennis.

“Stringfellow is synonymous with the total glamorisation of the strip industry, as countless press obituaries have been quick to point out. What they were less quick to point out, however, is that this industry is actually synonymous with the abuse of women.”

The pro-Stringfellow campaign was launched by Sheffield resident Barry Northall, 71, from Todwick, who first met Mr Stringfellow in 1962 at a Church Hall and worked for him throughout his Sheffield years.

He said the club owner is instrumental in the rise of the city’s music scene, and brought bands including The Beatles, The Kinks, The Merseybeats, Elton John and Rod Stewart to Sheffield.

Barry, who last saw the club millionaire in December and spoke at his funeral, said: “Peter never hid the fact that he was from Sheffield because he was immensely proud of that - a local boy made good.

“He made many, many visits back to Sheffield over the years, and if anyone wanted him to come here for something he always would. He once came up to talk to students at the university about his life - he would never fail to come to Sheffield.

“How can Sheffield City Council renew the licence for Spearmint Rhino and not celebrate Peter’s life? He was the Peter Pan of Sheffield in the 1960s.”

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