Cameras installed to target littering in Sheffield

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Cameras will be installed in a troubled community to crack down on litterbugs throwing rubbish in the street.

Residents in Page Hall, Sheffield, have complained that their streets are often left strewn with waste – from chicken bones to dumped household rubbish.

Police also issued a dispersal order for the area to combat anti-social behaviour, although residents have said the measures are still being ignored by some members of the migrant community.

Sheffield Council contractor Amey is now to use cameras in key areas in Page Hall.

The authority is also consulting on plans to bring in a selective licensing scheme for landlords with the aim of improving the condition of properties and stopping overcrowding.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, said: “We are aware of the ongoing issues in Page Hall and are working closely with the police and the community to address the problems.

“We are in the process of talking to people across the area, which has been very productive in terms of finding out what opinions are of how problems should be tackled.

“People who are littering and fly-tipping in the area are irresponsible and selfish and we are disgusted by their actions. 
“We need to come together to stamp out this behaviour. Fly-tipping and littering is an issue we take very seriously.”

The council is leading a crackdown on littering and fly-tipping across the city.

It says more than 800 fines have been issued in the last year and 125 staff from Amey are out each day cleaning the streets.

But Paul Downend, of Firth Park Road in Page Hall, said work being done by the council and police was only ‘scratching the surface’ of problems in the area.

The dad added: “Rubbish is being collected by the council after the fact and there is not much evidence of orders being handed out to those in the community responsible.

“From my house, where the sitting room is above street level, I regularly witness littering, dumping of rubbish, not to mention driving violations, with not a lot being done about it. To have CCTV watching littering will only be effective if acted upon and done so with vigour.”

n Report littering or fly-tipping to Amey on 0114 273 4567.