Cameras can help both parties

So bin workers are going on strike because some of their collegues are having sanctions and disciplinary procedures taken against them.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 6:12 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 6:16 am
Unite members stand infront of a bin truck and wave their flags as they are on strike, and successfully make the bin truck turn back into the depot. Picture: Andrew Roe

There must be a reason for these actions being taken.

I wonder how many have appealed and won against their employers or are the sanctions/disciplinary procedures justified?

And why not agree to cameras being placed in the cabs?

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This works both ways, if they are breaking the rules then it’s on camera.

If they are not doing wrong then the camera will be their defence against false accusations.

If you’ve nothing to hide why should you be bothered about cameras?

They are used on buses, shops, public buildings, in fact in most places.

I wonder how many of the bin men were all in agreement with cameras being placed in taxis? On this topic I would say no camera in cab, then no licence.

So bin men, get used to it, other workers never moan about cameras, if they don’t have anything to hide.


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