Came to my aid

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Could I thank Marie and husband David who came to my aid when my husband collapsed in Heeley Retail Park.

They were wonderful. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Also thanks to the caring staff of Boots, the paramedics and ambulance people. Outstanding all.

Mary Povey, Norton Lees

History repeats itself over jobs

It is 20 years ago since I was made redundant from my job with British Coal, formerly the NCB, after 26 years.

My job was at the then Coal House, in Doncaster - now the scene of present council house redundancies, I assume.

Coal House was built by the as the NCB’s national HQ. Instead of a couple of thousand redundancies as today they were then counted in tens of thousands.

There were a dozen or so working collieries, area headquarters, workshops, stores etc in the area prior to the 1990s. Many employed up to 1000 men each. Hundreds of local suppliers were linked with the coal industry and reliant upon mining.

More than 1000 men and women worked at Coal House. When it was closed, this was the equivalent of a colliery shutting in the very centre of Doncaster. By chance all this happened, as now, during the reign the of the Conservative Government.

I am not in any way political. This is simply a fact.

All these jobs and skills were lost, never to be replaced.

It marked the start of the continued decline in the prosperity of Doncaster. I could write much more about the demise of the coal industry and its effects upon Doncaster, even after 20 years.

But the main point I want to get over is that history really does repeat itself.

Don Gill, Tickhill

Stop this littering

Just sat on very cold, haemorrhoid-drawing council-built bench outside Shoe Zone on the Moor. Two women sat at the side of me. The older women was eating Rolos and throwing the paper on the floor, the younger was throwing food to the pigeons. On the bench opposite sat their younger son, who should have been at school. Makes one wonder what is happening to our city when these things go on without anyone stopping this litter behaviour.

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