Calls for police to arrest Sheffield custard pie attackers as fury erupts over 'prank' video

Pranksters who carried out a string of custard pie attacks on workers and members of the public in Sheffield city centre should be arrested.

Friday, 4th November 2016, 11:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:37 pm
Three of the victims of the custard pie attacks in Sheffield.

Calls are growing for the men behind the attacks - which included a bus driver having a custard pie slammed in his face as he sat in his cab in the city centre - to be dealt with by police and charged with assault.

A video showing a series of incidents in the city centre has now been watched by more than 10,000 people after it surfaced online earlier this week.

The 90 second video, uploaded to YouTube, shows a number of people being hit in the face across in streets and shops across the city centre.

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In one scene, a bus driver has a whipped cream pie shoved in his face after one of the pranksters leans through an open window while in another clip, a ginger-haired cyclist is knocked from his bike as he cycles down Mulberry Street after being hit full in the face.

Stuart Lamerton has claimed on Facebook that he was the driver in question and said: "I will be taking this to the police, it was assault. I also had passengers on my bus that nearly got injured due to these p*****.

The video also shows a shocked worker at a city branch of sandwich chain Subway reacting in horror after being slammed in the face with a pie while a fairground worker, street cleaner and a tram conductor are also targeted, along with members of the public.

Members of the public have blasted the gang who carried out the attack, describing them as "cowards," "nutters" and "not funny."

Donna Taylor wrote: "No one should be attacked, especially while doing their job. I love a joke, don't get me wrong, but this is not funny. Catch them and break every one of their fingers.

"It's enough walking about being wary of been attacked, yet alone watching for these muppets."

Gareth Richard Lane added: "This is assault. Workers in this city deserve to go to work and not be assaulted. Not funny not clever."

Lee Murdock posted on Facebook: "I am absolutely disgusted that my fellow Sheffielders stood there and did **** all. Why didn't they chase the little ***** and kick the **** out of 'em?

Mark Hamilton Stewart wrote: "One word - disgraceful! I do feel sorry for all people who got cream spattered on their face. I hope police would arrest them."

Gem Fletcher added: "I would have gone mental if that happened to me. Don't think things like this are funny at all."

Gloria Wilcock described the gang as "nutters" while Pat Fish wrote: "Disgusting!!!! Arew we now a town of cowards who do NOTHING to stop these pieces of ***** from attacking innocent people!!!"

Mamoo Johnny posted: "I'm sorry I have a great sense of humour, but this really is not funny - how the hell do they know the other person could have some medical condition that could be triggered."

Debra Kirwan wrote: "Assault plain and simple, idiots plain and simple and Paul Allonby added: "Stupidity of the highest order."

The clip, which is soundtracked by the Benny Hill theme music Yakety Sax, begins showing one of the pranksters, wearing a hoodie, squirting whipped cream into a foil tin in an alleyway off York Street, alongside the offices of The Star.

Entitled "Pie Pranks Sheffield" and uploaded by a user called DankTV, the action then leads into a series of attacks filmed across Sheffield city centre.

In one scene, two pie-wielding men run onto a Supertram and slam a conductor in the face before exiting, laughing.

Further attacks take place on a passenger at a tram stop, on customers inside the city centre branch of McDonalds and also on a street cleaner and members of the public in the Peace Gardens.