Calls for more action over smoking in South Yorkshire

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CIGARETTES have disappeared from display in large shops and supermarkets across South Yorkshire as new laws come into force – and The Star readers have given their verdict on the move.

Tobacco products must be kept under shop counters, or otherwise hidden away, under the extension of anti-smoking laws which came into force on Friday.

But fans of The Star on Facebook said people did not start smoking because of cigarettes being on public display.

Adam Ali posted: “I’ve been living in Norway since last year and it works there.

“However, I started smoking because of the people around me, not because of cigarettes in a shop. It’s another level of petty Big Brother legislation.”

Glenn Brenner posted: “Leave it to the people to vote and decide, the Government should not act on its own.”

But some readers felt stronger measures should be taken to stop people smoking.

Marie Gregg said: “If the Government agrees they are bad for you, they cant be advertised, stop making them, abolish them.

“However, they won’t, because they rake in so much tax on tobacco.

“I stopped smoking when smoking in public was banned.”

Shane Opray asked: “When are they going to hide the beers and spirits? They hide cigarettes to try to make you stop, but it’s okay to drink yourself to death.”

But Alun Stephen Roberts said: “The scope of it working will only be known in future generations but I think it’s a positive step.”

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