Callous owner left poor Bungle sick and starving

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IT’S one of the worst cases of cruelty RSPCA staff have ever seen.

=Now the charity has appealed for help to bring to justice the person responsible for this dog’s terrible condition.

Bungle the boxer was in a such a state when he arrived at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre in Attercliffe this month staff did not know how he would react to attempts to help him.

He had ulcers in both eyes, his weight was half what it should be and he had pressure sores on his hindquarters.

But despite his wretched condition, Bungle still managed to wag his tail as staff gently led him through the centre and straight to the vet.

One of his eye ulcers had already perforated, leaving a cloudy film across his eye, and the other had to be operated on.

RSPCA Sheffield manager Stella White said: “For a dog his size, we would expect his weight to be between 34 and 38kg. At present he is 19kg.”

“When he first arrived we were not sure what to expect but Bungle turned out to be a very happy chap, wagging his tail and enjoying having his rather bony back stroked.

“We will now begin the process of helping him gain weight and rehabilitate him, although it might take time.”

RSPCA chief inspector Matt Bell said: “We are appealing for anyone who might have information that may help us identify the owner or person responsible.

“ The extreme neglect and suffering this dog has been subjected to is truly shocking and those responsible should face prosecution.”

n Call 0300 1234999 with information.