Call to scrap parking permit fee rise

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INCREASES to residential and business parking permits in Sheffield could raise £352,000 for council coffers, opposition Liberal Democrats have revealed.

Party members are criticising Paul Blomfield. Labour MP for Sheffield Central, for including details of a campaign calling for the fees to be cut on his website.

He ran the campaign three years ago, when he was a candidate for the seat, with the slogan No Ifs, No Buts, No Profits. Lower the Permit Prices.

Lib Dems, who were in charge of the council at the time, lowered parking permit fees.

Now the ruling Labour party is planning to double fees for many permits and quadruple the price of visitors’ passes to help reduce the impact of budget cuts.

Coun Paul Scriven, Lib Dem member for Sheffield Council’s Broomhill ward, who stood against Mr Blomfield in 2010, said: “Mr Blomfield and other local Labour politicians campaigned on the issue in areas like Broomhill, only to betray local people now Labour control the council.

“He should apologise and stand up for the people he is supposed to represent by demanding the council reverses its decision.

“While running the council, Lib Dems reduced residents’ parking fees because we wanted to ease the financial pressure on residents and businesses.”

“Unfair hikes like this could be avoided if Labour took action on reducing wasteful spending.”

Mr Blomfield said: “Three years ago I called for the price of permits to be reduced when the Lib Dem-led council was making large profits from the scheme.

“That’s changed now and because of the Tory/Lib Dem Government the council is having to make the biggest cuts in the city’s history.”