Call to keep ticket office staff

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a SOUTH Yorkshire MP has urged the Government to ensure a train station’s staffed ticket office remains open.

Rotherham MP Denis MacShane has written to transport secretary Philip Hammond calling for the ticket office at Rotherham Central Station to be kept open once modernisation work is completed.

He called for the promise of a travel centre in the station, as part of the plans for the £8.5m modernisation programme, to be upheld.

Mr MacShane said he was ‘alarmed’ at plans to get rid of the staffed ticket offices at the station.

He said: “It would be quite wrong to leave a major urban centre like Rotherham with 250,000 inhabitants without a staffed ticket office.

“Downgrading Rotherham railway station after its renewal to a kind of rural halt in the outback is the wrong signal to send from Whitehall to the north of England.”