Call for women with a talent for politics 

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The Star is looking for Sheffield women who make a difference in the world of politics.

We launched the Women of Sheffield awards last week to reward stand-out females who go the extra mile for what they love.

A special Winifred Gales award for politics will be given out on the night of March 7, the day before International Women’s Day, and we want you to decide who will receive it.

Winifred Gales became an editor alongside her husband at The Sheffield Register newspaper in 1787- the city’s voice for the liberal movements stirring in England.

Alongside her husband Joseph the pair quickly became huge political figures a warrant for Joseph’s arrest was soon made because of his reform activities.

He quickly fled to Germany leaving Winifred to look after her family and the printing press, which she held up with pride until the family sailed to Philadelphia to set up a new life with Joseph. 

In 1804, Winifred wrote ‘Matilda Berkley’ or ‘Family Anecdotes’ which is considered the first novel to be published in North Carolina by a resident of that state and continued to publish essays throughout her life. 

We are looking for formidable women like Winifred who fight for their beliefs, whether just starting out in the world of politics or with years of experience. 

To nominate somebody for Women of Sheffield, please send her name, category nominated for and why she deserves to win, to

Alternatively, you can post entries to Ann Holmes, Telegraph Editorial, The Balance, Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU

Do not be afraid to nominate yourself either - we want to shout about all strong Steel City women. 

Deadline for nominations is Monday, February 4.