Call for tougher punishment after youths attack Sheffield man with learning difficulties

Star readers were quick to offer their support for a young-man with learning difficulties after he was attacked by a 13-strong gang of youths.

The 25-year-old man was targeted on Buchanan Road, Parson Cross by the gang – made up of 10 boys and three girls – and was left a fractured cheekbone needing surgery.

He was also verbally abused by the youths as he left Asda on Chaucer Road with his mum, and suffered bruising and a black eye.

Following the incident messages flooded in offering support, with many calling for tougher punishments for the ‘cowards’ that carried out the attack who have not yet been caught.

Joan Daniels said: “The fact that he was with his mum as well and they still decided to set about him just goes to show you’re not safe going anywhere. I really hope they are caught and prosecuted. Poor lad, it's probably made him scared to go anywhere now.”

Gina Taylor said: “Another reminder of how stupid it was to remove all punishment from school. Instead we deal with manipulative selfish young folk with cotton gloves as they all have 'issues’. I can't stand this group cowardice behaviour, may karma come upon you quick time.”

Toby Morgan said: “Absolutely sicko's to have done this. I really hope when they get caught that they are put away in youth offenders centre until they are adults . If this doesn't prove that vulnerable people in society need protection! Then I don't know how clear it can be.”

Gillian Myers Price said: “Sick cowards acting hard as a gang as they’re not hard enough alone. They should be ‘seen to’ one by one without their ‘gang mates’ and made to never feel safe out alone ever again, and even worse on a disabled lad .Parents need to take some of the blame too for not teaching them respect or morals.”

Rulz Mikel said: “It absolutely disgusting, I hope they find them and prosecute them. They give parson cross a bad name as there is some nice respectful people.”