Call for Sheffield Council to deal with 'never ending' fly-tippers in area that looks like an 'explosion in a landfill site'

Fly-tipping in Robey Street, Page Hall.
Fly-tipping in Robey Street, Page Hall.
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A Sheffield suburb blighted by fly-tippers has been compared to an 'explosion in a landfill site'.

Star reader Shaun Outram said he was living in 'filth' in Page Hall thanks to rubbish regularly being dumped in the streets.

Popple Street.

Popple Street.

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Shaun, 53, sent several photos taken this weekend of streets strewn with sofas, mattresses and bin bags - and even a burned out bin.

Among the affected areas were Robey Street and Popple Street. But Shaun said the problem was widespread.

He said he had contacted his local councillors but more needed to be done to deal with the culprits.

Robey Street.

Robey Street.

"Why are the folks of Page Hall expected to live in filth like this every single day?" he asked, directing his question to the council, police and other authorities.

"Do you live amongst it? Are you plagued by rats? I can't get my dogs in at night for them.

"It's quite obvious now enough is more than enough, and you all got up from your office chairs, stopped swilling coffee and came up with a plan to stop this.

"It's no good clearing up day after day. It must be costing the whole of Sheffield's council taxpayers a fortune, which I'm sure could be more wisely spent."

Reader Shaun Otram says the problem is 'never ending'.

Reader Shaun Otram says the problem is 'never ending'.

Mr Outram said if officials couldn't do the job they should 'get out and make way for someone who can'.

He added: "It's just never ending - as soon as one lot is shifted there's more gets dumped there to replace it.

"The area around Page Hall shops has just been resurfaced but you'd never know because you can't see it for litter.

"It looks like an explosion in a landfill site."

The fly-tipping has been reported to the council, which has set its partner in the Streets Ahead highways contract a one working day limit to collect it - although the bank holiday could delay the response.

The council has this summer warned residents to expect dirtier streets because of cuts to its cleaning services. Among the proposals is to increase the fly-tipping response from one working day to two.

The authority says Sheffield will still have a better service than most other UK cities.