Call for rethink over parking permit rise

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A campaign to give Sheffield city centre residents cheaper parking is gathering momentum.

Green Party members have thrown their weight behind the fight against planned increases to the price of parking permits in Sheffield Council’s budget for the next financial year.

Residents and businesses in parking scheme areas say they are now funding transport spending in wealthier parts of the city.

Sarah Jane Smalley, Central ward resident, said “It’s blatantly unfair the people living closest to the city centre are being made to pay to deal with citywide problems.

“The council was already making a surplus of over £500,000 on parking schemes before raising the prices.

“Even residents who don’t own a car are hit by the huge increase in the cost of visitors’ permits.

“Why should we be penalised by the Council because of where we live?”

Coun Rob Murphy , Green member for Central ward, said:“Residents already suffer some of the worst congestion, air pollution and accident rates in the city.

“Permit holders shouldn’t have to subsidise the transport budget for the rest of the city on top.”