Call for more urgency over child sex abuse prosecutions in Rotherham

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Perpetrators of child sexual exploitation must be brought to justice with more urgency, UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidates for Rotherham say.

The call followed the prosecution of Iranian Asylum Seeker Vejahuin Ghorbani, aged 37, who was jailed for three years for abducting and trafficking three young girls in Rotherham last September.

Ghorbani, of Park Mount, Rotherham, lured them to his flat after approaching the girls, two aged 11 and one 13, in a park in Eastwood.

Jane Collins, due to stand for the Rotherham Central seat in the General Election, said: “Another conviction is of course welcome but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham have waited far too long for proper justice. There are many more perpetrators who should be put on trial.”

Allen Cowles, due to stand for election in the Rother Valley constituency, said: “Don’t forget that Alexis Jay in her report said there were 1,400 victims of abuse in our borough, at a conservative estimate. That number is believed to be much higher. Why are prosecutions not proceeding with more vigour and more urgency?

“UKIP produced a letter of suggestions on improvements and requesting answers to questions. We are still waiting for those answers. And meanwhile victims of child sexual exploitation have to endure seeing the perpetrators of these terrible crimes walking around town.”

Martyn Parker, due to stand for election in the Wentworth and Dearne constituency, said: “We still haven’t had any clear answers in what was known and when.

“Even saying they didn’t know the scale of the problem is not enough. One is too many if they knew and didn’t act.”