Call for help to keep Sheffield’s 800 green spaces sparkling

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An appeal to help keep Sheffield’s 800 parks and green spaces at their best has been made as part of a new anti-litter drive.

Clean Sheffield was launched this week and will be a one-year campaign aimed at reducing the amount of rubbish that is dumped across the city.

Sheffield council chiefs say one major problem with littering is in parks and green spaces, where visitors sometimes leave more than their footprints behind when they leave.

More than £100,000 a year is spent by the local authority on dealing with litter and waste disposal in parks alone.

Devonshire Green in the city centre and Endcliffe Park at Hunters Bar are some of the parks often left with piles of litter and overflowing bins.

People have now been urged to take care with their litter and barbecues as the weather is set to improve this weekend.

Coun Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for parks, said: “One of the things that we’re asking people to think about is when they take disposable barbecues to parks.

“If they don’t use bricks or a stand then it burns the grass and it does not recover.

“We want people to have fun in parks but also to think about keeping them clean.”

Coun Bowler praised parks staff and volunteers for their hard work and said that if less litter or fly-tipping had to be collected from green spaces, then money could be spent by the council on improvements instead.

“Unfortunately every year the money is wiped out on litter”, she said.

“It also means that parks staff, instead of being able to improve the environment,planting and so on, are going around picking up litter.

“One of the main costs to us is not just the picking up but also the disposal of the waste.”

One strand of the Clean Sheffield campaign is celebrating people who pick up litter and encouraging others to do the same.

Coun Bowler urged people to do the same if they spotted rubbish in a park.

When asked why people should pick up litter dropped by others, she added: “It is everybody’s choice.

“But I’d say if you are out in a green space and there’s litter that is blighting it and you can safely pick it up and put in a bin or take it home then please do.

“It makes you feel good and it directly benefits you as well as a user of that green space.”

The campaign will also include education sessions and focus on dog fouling, as well as fly tipping and litter over the year.

Residents will also be encouraged to report litter through the official channels.

n To report litteror fly tipping call 0114 273 4567 or visit www.sheffield.gov.uk