Call for ‘blanket’ 20mph scheme across city

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PLANS for 20mph zones on residential streets around Sheffield do not go far enough, say Green Party members.

Couns Jillian Creasy and Rob Murphy want the plans, which involve allocating £40,000 to each of Sheffield Council’s seven community assembly areas, ‘called in’ for debate by a council board.

The Green members, who both represent Central Ward, are unhappy funding has been divided equally between areas, when they say some have more roads needing the lower speed limit than others and also that the new limit will not be introduced on all residential streets at once.

Coun Murphy said: “This report is a disappointment for campaigners for safe speeds.

“Our call for plans for a city-wide 20mph speed limit on residential roads has been reduced to a few small schemes dotted about the city.

“The administration is ignoring evidence in its own report that says a ‘blanket approach is more likely to produce positive results as the accompanying publicity and promotion can be pitched to give the scheme a much higher profile.”

Council officers have said funding is not available for a city-wide scheme and assembly members are being asked to nominate roads which could benefit in their areas.

That strategy is set to be approved by the council’s cabinet highways committee tomorrow.