Call for action to repair Fargate

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AS Sheffield’s flagship shopping street, it’s vital Fargate is kept in tip top condition in the face of ever increasing competition.

The Big Wheel boosted the street’s allure, but following its departure these eight ugly squares of black asphalt were left defacing Italian cobbles, which were installed at great expense.

The patches were laid when bicycle racks were removed to make way for the revolving attraction. But following its departure at the end of October it’s surely now time Fargate was restored to its former glory.

Cobbles were also ripped up on nearby George Street three years ago. They were replaced with asphalt and never made good.

A council spokesman said new bike racks would be installed and the surface restored on Monday.

He said: “The Big Wheel company has paid for the racks removal and reinstallation.

“Due to damage caused by wear and tear, we have taken the opportunity to replace them with new ones.

“It is part of a wider programme of improving cycle parking for shoppers in the city centre.”