Call for 20mph limit through town near Doncaster

Worried community leaders have proposed a 20mph speed limit in their Doncaster town to deal with serious road safety fears.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 6:39 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:33 pm
Concerns have been raised over speeding in a Doncaster village

Town Councillors in Tickhill are concerned about the issue of speeding throughout their streets, and say that there are not enough crossings in the area.

They believe the area around the Buttercross is a particular problem and now want the action to slow things down.

Tickhill Town Council chairman John Bergin said: "We're in open discussions with Doncaster Council about this. We've got one controlled crossing, by the library.

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"The two other main roads in and out of the village are uncontrolled and seem to be used as racetracks by some.

"We're in dialogue with Doncaster Council about trying to get something done.

"The last meeting we had with them, they undertook to do another traffic survey, and they'll be looking at that in September."

He said he felt people pass the area in the town where the shops are and put their foot down.

He said there was a particular issue at the Buttercross, which he described as a unique T-junction, and caused a lot of low level accidents.

"It has been suggested that we have a 20mph limit all the way through the town centre, with the roads from Bawtry, Rotherham and Doncaster coming to signs saying 'Tickhill, 20mph please'.

"We would also welcome a couple of safe crossing points."

Gill Gilles, Assistant Director Environment, said: “We are concerned to hear of incidences of speeding traffic in Tickhill and would urge all motorists to drive appropriately to the conditions and within the law.

““20mph speed limits have recently been provided outside the schools in Tickhill and we are carrying out further work in Tickhill and across Doncaster to identify priority locations for road safety improvements.”