Cabbie traces family over lost photographs

Do you know this family? One of the pictures found on the camera.
Do you know this family? One of the pictures found on the camera.
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A big-hearted London cabbie has tracked down a family thought to be from Sheffield, who left an expensive camera in the back of his taxi.

Driver Sean Morgan, aged 49, from Essex, found a Canon EOS D600 camera worth £500 on the back seat of his vehicle after transporting a family of four across the capital.

The family are a man and woman Mr Morgan thinks are in their 30s, and two young children, one aged about 10 to 12 and the other who was in a pram.

They took a trip from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London, but it was only after they had paid and got out that Mr Morgan found the camera full of potentially irreplaceable family photos.

Because his next job was a long distance, he was not able to go back to try to track them down for another hour.

Mr Morgan then decided to look through the photos in an attempt to find clues.

He had a stroke of luck when he found a photo of one of the family wearing a Sheffield Wednesday coat while riding on the London Eye.

The cabbie appealed both to the football club and through The Star to try to track down the family and return the camera to its rightful owners.

He said: “It looked very expensive and I just wanted to give it back to them.

“They got in at Buckingham Palace and they didn’t say much. I took them to the Tower of London, they paid and got out.

“My next customer found the bag in the back, so afterwards I went back to the Tower of London and asked around at the taxi rank.

“There’s lots of photos on the camera including a wedding abroad. I didn’t want to take it to lost property in Baker Street because if cameras aren’t claimed, they destroy memory cards.”

* The family have now been in touch with The Star. Read their story next week.