Cab fire rise amazing

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I READ with some amazement (Feb 1) that black cabs are to raise prices by an eye-watering 20p per mile to cover fuel costs. Since the start of the year fuel prices had risen by about 8p a litre.

I recall a gallon being about 4.5 litres, so a gallon has risen by around 36p. Based on a demand for 20p extra per mile, this suggests taxis do about 1.8mpg.

Is the real reason not the completely unnecessary number of taxis mysteriously approved by the council’s licensing team? You only have to stand in parts of the city in the evening to see taxis queuing one end of a road to the other. Isn’t that what the rise is all about - too many taxis chasing too few fares?

We have frequent buses cheaper than they were years ago. Maybe the system isn’t perfect, but as a regular user I cannot begin to understand why so many people are critical and moreover, why anyone would willingly inflict the cost of a taxi on themselves.

LB, Intake, Sheffield