Button-nosed cutie on the lookout for a home

RSPCA dog Faye with Tony Benham
RSPCA dog Faye with Tony Benham
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UTTERLEY adorable.

That’s rescued puppy Faye – a six-month-old, wire-haired Jack Russell who was brought into the RSPCA’s Sheffield branch due to concerns for her welfare.

RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager Tony Benham describes her as a ‘button-nosed beauty’ adding: “We believe she was rescued from a situation with an unscrupulous breeder and we are looking for a loving, permanent home for this very special puppy. Despite her past sad circumstances, Faye is a gentle dog with a happy disposition and a confident, inquisitive air about her.

“Calm and cheerful, with her rough, wiry coat, this cute little lady deserves a lovely new home and a second chance in life.”

Staff at the centre are currently running puppy training classes and would like Faye’s potential owner to sign up for the free lessons.

Tony said: “Jack Russells are highly trainable and socialisation in these early years, as for any dog, is key to a good future.

“A spirited but obedient dog, this breed needs plenty of space to run, dig and play and they need a sufficiently long, daily brisk walks so they burn off energy and get plenty of mental stimulation, especially if they are to spend some time alone at home without being destructive.

“Faye will need lots of regular, small amounts of exercise. We’d be delighted to arrange a ‘meet and greet’ with anyone who feels they may be able to offer Faye, a home. But please remember that, at this time of year, a dog must never be bought or adopted as a present for Christmas.”

The RSPCA’s Sheffield branch is open every day except Wednesday from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.

Staff can be contacted by calling 0114 2898050.

The centre is also looking for foster homes.