Button Hill buses recipe for disaster

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How can a private bus company in receipt of subsidy from the public purse be allowed to route a bus down any road it chooses and render our councillors powerless to intervene, except to rubber stamp the choice of stop location.

Stagecoach want increased revenue by running a bus along most of Button Hill. SYPTE thought by keeping residents in the dark, then claiming a consultation had taken place, they could railroad this ill-conceived scheme through without any attention.

Roy Mitchell of SYPTE, in a letter sent whilst those affected were on holiday, adopts the classic bureaucratic position: “We know what is good for you.”

In this case a double-decker, every 20 minutes, six days a week, down your quiet, narrow residential street.

Those of us with the temerity to challenge what appears to be a done deal, are made aware that appropriate action is taken against motorists.

So will this result in a school run by Mylnhurst parents who bring chaos to a junction twice a day being moved on? Despite this council’s threats, I doubt it.

Besides, the residents without drives are obliged to park on a blind bend, on both sides, before the road halves in width, to only a few feet wider than the proposed bus.

All this prior to a bumped, reduced-width, sorry, calmed, sloping junction, that in winter is piste-like.

Not a single resident asked for this dangerous, expensive intrusion into the area. It must be struck down.

NA Saur, Button Hill, S11