Butter beats Full Monty pie

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SHEFFIELD’s Full Monty pie has missed out on being named the top northern pie.

The pie - a combination of sausage, bacon and egg - missed out to the Butter Pie from Preston in Poole’s Pies competition to find the Cock ‘o the North pie 2012.

Neil Court-Johnston, Poole’s Pies managing director, said: “It all started when we had a bit of a ‘War of the Roses’ moment about which county produced the best pies.

“We came to the conclusion the north is so diverse and every region has particular tastes that are an important aspect of their identity.

“We decided to give people a chance to nominate a pie that reflects their region and then pit the most popular against each other.

“It has proved popular and people of the north have come up with some real belters.”