Busy times loom as end of term approaches

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I CAN tell it is nearly the end of term in our house as all the children seem to be suffering from one illness or another.

It always seems to follow the same pattern. At the start of a new term they get all the bugs and by the middle of the second week they are usually streaming with a cold or cough of some description.

I can understand this as suddenly they are all being thrust together in an institution and this inevitably leads to germ sharing.

However the end of term shouldn’t really be the same. By that time their immune systems have woken up to being institutionalised and have stoked up their coping mechanisms.

But somehow despite this at the end of every school term the eldest always seems to be totally washed out and wake up at least once before the end of school with a temperature as she valiantly tries to fight off yet another bug.

I think this is because she packs so much into her still very young life and just gets plain exhausted. And this end of term she is particularly exhausted with all her various end of term shows. This, coupled with the fact she has several leaving “dos” arranged as she says goodbye to infant school for the last time this term, has really wiped her out.

The junior school is literally yards away from where she is now but you would think it was the other side of the world, such is the rigorousness of the changeover.

Already the kids have had special visiting days and also been matched up with “buddies” from their new school. They have been given exclusive access to the junior playground and been allowed into their hall for the first time to watch the dress rehearsal of their end of term show. My eldest was most impressed by this as: “They had spotlights and everything Mummy – and we don’t” she said in total awe to me the other day.

That and the fact they were able to put on a funky show like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which she loves has really impressed her.

But all this excitement has left her worn out and ready to drop. She has this week been suffering with a sore stomach and severe tiredness – al of which are due to the fact she is dead beat.

I also have the wedding of one of my best friends this weekend down in Devon which just my eldest and I are going to, so selfishly I really can’t be having her getting ill for this! There is no way I am cancelling my plans.

So instead I have “bribed” her to be well by promising her a heap of things to do over the summer holidays. And so much has my enthusiasm been for this that I seem to have over booked her. Now I fear she may well be ill over the summer as once again she finds her little life far too full.

For those of you wondering what to do with your little ones as the long summer holidays loom, Sheffield City Council has the answer. Their Rangers service has a whole host of free activities, including grass sledging. For more information visit: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodlands--countryside/ranger-service