Business minds at town hall

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IT is about time the student games scandal came to light.

It’s no good Betts, then council leader, excusing the huge debt he and his Labour colleagues left us with. Yes, the amenities are OK but they were sold to a company whose charges are obscene for families.

What good could £650 million have done for Sheffield?

To pay millions in interest each year is a travesty.

Labour councillors have no idea of creating a successful business plan or managing our money.

My family paid £24 to help the games take off. I still don’t know where the family membership money went.

I visited numerous venues and was embarrassed at the empty seats. We couldn’t afford to pay the gas bill so the flame was only lit twice.

How like the Labour Government, who think public money is to play monopoly.

At least the Lib Dems are business-minded and don’t penalise the motorist.

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