Buses blocked as parents park cars outside school

mylnram'Bus struggles to get past parked cars near Mylnhurst School
mylnram'Bus struggles to get past parked cars near Mylnhurst School
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BUSES are struggling to get past streets clogged with cars parked by parents and people using community sports facilities at a Sheffield school, say surrounding residents.

Some 165 people living around Mylnhurst Prep School, Button Lane, Ecclesall, have sent a petition to Sheffield Council calling for action to tackle the problems if plans to rebuild and expand the school nursery are approved.

The new building would be more than a third bigger than the present one.

The proposals, which have twice been redrawn to resolve concerns about the scale and siting of the building, are recommended for approval at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s planning board today.

Residents who signed the petition said while the revised plans are a ‘great improvement’ they still have concerns.

A letter accompanying the petition said: “Our concerns relate to the permitted hours of use of the new building, how close it is built to residents’ bungalows and the ongoing traffic and parking congestion caused by the many and varied activities that occur on the Mylnhurst site and which would inevitably be exacerbated by any increase to the size of the building.”

Residents say they fear a larger nursery will mean more pupils, more traffic and more parked cars which they claim often block people’s drives.

They are calling for council officials to make a series of conditions in return for planning permission - extra parking spaces so all staff can park within the school site and users of its sports facilities can also park inside out of school hours.

They also want screening around the car park so surrounding residents are not disturbed by headlight glare at night, white lines outside driveways on surrounding streets to deter people from parking across them.

And residents have called for a pedestrian gate to the school from Woodholm Road to be locked shut to deter staff and visitors from parking on the street and want the school management to set up a ‘regular channel of communication’ with them.

Sheffield Council planning officers are not recommending any conditions over parking. In their report to councillors, they said: “The application would result in an increase of up to 10 pupils. Given the level of activity around the school, it is considered that the vehicles attracted would not significantly change this situation.”

Planners said most disruption relates to existing out-of-school activities and use of the sports facilities, so could not be considered because ‘planning authorities can only take into account matters that directly relate to the application’.