Bus services can’t cope after football

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The people of Sheffield are almost top of the league when it comes to using public transport, which is something to be pleased about.

The two largest public transport providers in the country go into a partnership and produce what?

On the last two Tuesday evenings there have been very well-attended football matches at Hillsborough finishing around 9.40pm.

The first buses, 53s, to arrive at the bus stop directly outside the ground on Penistone Road were at 10.18pm and 10.28pm.

Not only did this mean a lengthy wait, but it also meant that passengers waiting at stops on the way to the city centre were left at bus stops because the buses were full.

These people could very well have been on their way to work, or going home after a day at work.

I remember a transport spokesman saying that normal services could cope with football crowds

What a joke, particularly when, whille waiting for these buses, two other services, going to the Hillsborough interchange sailed past with, on one bus two passengers and on the other none. Surely these services could be used to connect to other services, bus or tram at Hilsborough Corner.

Let us hope that the ‘partnership’ might produce something better,

H Foster, Daresbury Road, Sheffield, S2