Bus services are pretty poor

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MP Clive Betts is right, the bus service is getting pretty poor. We have had the same trouble for years with buses not turning up or very late.

Also, why do they keep changing the service number? Is it to bluff people into thinking buses are on time?

All the buses went straight to town, from Firth Park every 15 minutes or so. Then the number changed, then they decided to split the services, one going to Firth Park, the other to Hillsborough. Not only did they change the route but the time too, to every half hour. No wonder people complain.

Then they changed it yet again and now a journey to town takes nearly 50 minutes. You could go to Manchester in that time.

Steve, Wincobank

clive Betts should live on Birley Spa Lane or Birley Lane. We have buses in convoys, sometimes up to six following each other. TM Travel’s buses are so old it looks like they were donated from abroad. If he wants more buses on the 4 and 6 routes, pinch some from Birley.

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