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No bus passenger wants their service to be cut from every 30 minutes to 60 minutes, but I think retired teacher Elizabeth Grant, who uses the No 19 Hollythorpe Rise service is wrong.

She feels, because her area is not a council estate and there isn’t a hospital, the bus company will argue it’s not profitable enough.

Before the deregulation of buses, Sheffield’s largest private housing estate residents would have to walk to the top of Upper Albert Road to catch the No 35 to town.

As for Sheffield hospitals, most of the residents in those areas are in privately owned homes, and if they leave their parking space it will be snapped up by a hospital employee. This does not happen on the Hollythorpe.

Perhaps Elizabeth has not noticed that a three bedroom semi-detached house is selling for £60,000 more than a similar property on the Northcote Estate, which has council house neighbours.

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