Bus problems need sorting

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The number 23 bus that comes from Barnsley to Stocksbridge is only one bus every two hours.

In recent weeks the 9.30am one from Deepcar to Stocksbridge has been missing three times and whatever reason that the bus company can give for this at present is not known.

If they say it is due to the buses breaking down this is understandable as ‘hiccups’ can crop up all the time, but many commuters using this service are not convinced that with so many missing in such a short time that this is the case. If a two-hourly bus is missing it means of course a huge gap of four hours on the route, which is pathetic.

Surely can’t the bus company have a reserve to fall back on in such a situation?

The powers that be are always urging people to get out of their cars on to the buses but with the prospect of being stranded people will not be so tempted.

No disrespect to any bus drivers, who have a tough job in sometimes difficult conditions.

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