Bus passes prop up our low pensions

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I would like to reply to the recent contributions on the bus pass discussion.

The only reason pensioners are given bus passes is to prop up one of the lowest pensions in the EU, (50 per cent of the EU average). We must also acknowledge that pensioners contribute around £40 billion every year to the economy through unpaid caring responsibilities, volunteering, childcare and community activities. We have paid into the system all our lives and are still paying taxes and buying.

However, the present debate is being cynically driven by the Government, because it is in their interest for us to blame each other, as it distracts from their responsibility for the economic crash.

The real divide is not between old and young or the retired and those in work, nor the employed and those seeking work, it’s between the rich minority and the rest of us.

K Toulson

Carnaby Road, S6