Bus lane will not save journey time

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Havelock Bridge on Myrtle Road was constructed by the Midland Railway Company 145 years ago for the up and down lines to Chesterfield and London.

Heeley Tilt Dam opposite the Earl of Arundel pub on Queens Road was demolished for the railway, and the Heeley Toll Bar on Chesterfield Road opposite the Crown Inn closed when Heeley Station opened in 1870.

The walls and large coping stones of the bridge were taken down a few tears ago and rebuilt, but the width of the bridge has never altered and never will.

So why do our council and highways department want to introduce three lanes on Spencer Road and Prospect Road, one a bus lane, which when a bus enters a slip road to the new signalised junction at the bridge will allow it to turn left ahead of general traffic.

Also they want the bus lane to be a 24-hour bus lane, even though the two half-hourly buses don’t run after 7pm and the other bus on this route after 11pm.

There will be more traffic lights at this junction than there is at the Queens Road junction.

Most Heeley drivers know that the section of Prospect Road from Gleadless Road to Spencer Road is the end of a rat run from London Road.

I imagine these drivers will use the empty bus lane rather than wait for a gap in the general traffic lane.

This could also apply to the customers of the car wash on Prospect Road, or is it to be a camera money-spinner?

The whole scheme is costing a fortune of tax payers’ money.

But most drivers that use this route are saying it’s a complete waste, and it will not do as the council say, improve journey times for buses on the route and encourage more drivers to use public transport.

Now the council has rejected the 10,000-petition to save the Rustings Road trees, it is certain that Heeley City Farm’s petition to save their healthy 188 trees will also be rejected by our listening council.

I am old enough to remember when buses went up Richards Road from the city to Heeley Green and returned down Spencer Road back to the city.

No problem then.

Sid Wetherill

Raleigh Road