Bus Drivers car set on fire by Vandals

Paul beside his burnt out car
Paul beside his burnt out car
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A man from Parson Cross was horrified when he woke to find his car on fire.

Paul Norie, 47, from Adrian Crescent, heard a loud banging on his door early on Sunday morning, September 4.

Paul's car after the fire damage

Paul's car after the fire damage

He said: "It felt like someone was kicking the door in but it was just my neighbour trying to wake me up."

The fire brigade arrived just after 6am and it was suspected the blaze started at around 5:30.

"I had heard there'd been about a dozen or so cars that'd been burnt out in the area. They've been driving 'round throwing petrol bombs at cars I think. That must have been what it was." said Paul, who works as a Bus Driver for Mainline.

His silver hatchback car and the belongings within were completely destroyed by the blaze.

He said: "I've lost all my work stuff that I keep in the car - my glasses, they're completely melted. I need them for driving. My son's really upset too, some of his football gear and a remote control car are all gone."

Paul was just enjoying a Saturday night-in with his seven year old son, Jensen.

He added: "We watched a dvd, I went to bed around 9:30 - 10pm, it was just a normal night. I can sleep through anything, so I never heard a thing."

Paul has been unable to get to work and has had to take some holiday days as well needing to replace his £100 glasses.

He said: "I'm just absolutely gutted about the whole thing. I'm going to have to wait till the insurance comes in to get a new car. I just had the car sprayed a couple of weeks ago too, I'm livid."

He added: "My son was really shaken up by it, it's really frightened him.”