Bus cuts

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So here we go again with our First Bus Company, cutting buses here, cutting buses there, making one hourly buses on a lot of routes. This bus company just treats Sheffield people with utter contempt, some people struggling to even get to work on time. No buses on Sundays and bank holidays, the taxi firms in Sheffield will be rubbing their hands as some of us don’t even get a bus after tea, making it hard to go out anywhere.

Bet the people who think these things up never use a bus anyway. Leave our cars at home, the buses are clean, friendly, frequent and easy. What a laugh. And I bet a few months after all this has happened the fares will go up once again. The buses are expensive anyway. If only we could boycott them a couple of days a week. I would love to see that. Anyway, good luck all bus users, as we are all going to need it.

Mary Povey

Bishopcourt Road, Norton Lees, S8