Bus cut protest today as Sheffield-wide review consultation ends

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Hundreds of people have signed a petition against bus changes which they fear will cut off their Sheffield community.

A city-wide review of bus services has sparked controversy across Sheffield, and consultation is due to end tomorrow on the proposals to axe, revise the routes of, renumber or replace dozens of services.

In Arbourthorne, changes to the 51 and 70 services will ‘cut off’ the local shops and school, it is feared.

Councillors who started the petition - and have now handed it in to transport chiefs with 838 signatures - also found that many parents used the services to visit Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Coun Jack Scott said: “It is clear from the amount of signatures on the petition that people are getting more and more angry about the proposals - we will do everything we can to stop them.

“We believe the consultation has not been adequate for such a dramatic change.”

Fellow ward Coun Mike Drabble added: “There are many people who rely on the service to get up to the kids hospital, pensioners also use them going to the shops on Northern Avenue and people simply getting to and from work do.”

A petition in Dore, where the number 70 is to be rerouted away from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Broomhill schools and the university, also attracted 900 signatures and has been handed in.

Today protesters are due to march through Sheffield city centre in a demonstration against the review by Sheffield Bus Partnership.

Concerns have been raised about changes planned for services in Stannington, Norton Lees, Wisewood, Loxley, Shirecliffe, Lowedges, Foxhill and Longley.

So far more than 1,300 people have taken part in the consultation, said the bus partnership.

People were urged to have their say before the deadline of this Friday, July 31.

The partnership says that the changes aim to improve services, by optimising routes into the city centre or workplaces and removing duplication.

A spokesman said that eedback would be used to shape the changes, which are due to be implemented from October 31.

Transport chiefs will make a decision in September. The consultation is online at travelsouthyorkshire.com/sbp and paper feedback forms are available at customer service desks at Sheffield and Rotherham transport interchanges.