Bus companies put profits first

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Profit before people is a correct assumption regarding the First and Stagecoach companies.

Profit before people is a correct assumption regarding the First and Stagecoach companies.

I agree with Susan I Richardson: it is disgusting to abandon the 120 bus service which passes the Westminster estate.

It was a very convenient and necessary service to a lot of immobile and elderly people who depended on it to visit the Hallamshire Hospital. There is a 51 bus service, but it doesn’t go past the hospital.

You may say it isn’t a long way from the hospital, but to old and infirm, it’s a marathon.

While in town I spotted a cycle with a placard at the back saying the changes to transport are to everyone’s advantage. Dream on.

D Briggs, Lodgemoor

No deterrents

I AGREE with A Barlow of Doncaster, this country has no deterrent or strong justice system. It’s about time the people who run this country get out and about to see what decent people have to put up with every day of their lives. We could do with more shout and clout to tell the Government what is going on.

Name and address supplied

Open seven days

openig times? Forget it if it is correct that the council and Veolia plan to shut recycling sites for three days a week. If so, all my waste will go in my bin. Why should I care about recycling?

Veolia, the council and contractor SYNR Waste Management do not. I pay for the sites to be open seven days a week so I can visit when I want, not when the council tell me. If they want to save money don’t use two sets of contractors.

Mrs E Ashton, Longley, S5

Justice is done

So Justice Charles is being deported. I say that’s justice! His wife says she will go when she can. Perhaps one of the numerous friendly countries he passed on the way to the UK will give him and his wife a house and all the other freebies. But don’t hold your breath.

Harriet Grant, Gleadless