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The No 6 bus service has now been extended to the Tesco supermarket, at Abbeydale, via the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, which is a bonus for some passengers, but why, oh why, does the bus no longer stop near Wilkinson’s in the city centre?

There is a bus stop in the Wicker, and its next stop is on Flat Street; this means all passengers, especially the elderly and/or the infirm, that want to shop in the “markets” area either have to walk uphill from the Wicker, or walk back from Flat Street, (across the very busy Commercial Street and the tram tracks).

Do these planners not think about how passengers may be inconvenienced?

There is an “Alighting Stop Only” near Wilkinson’s, why can’t this stop be used to make life easier for passengers?

Planners, please have a rethink.

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