Bus carrying Sheffield students bursts into flames

Burning bus
Burning bus
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Sheffield students had a lucky escape when the bus they were travelling in burst into flames moments after pulling over at the side of a motorway, writes Josh Peachey.

The University of Sheffield men’s hockey team bus caught fire on the M62 as students were travelling back from games in Manchester.

Firefighters dealt with the bus blaze

Firefighters dealt with the bus blaze

Passing motorists alerted the students and driver of the bus to a problem by beeping their horns and flashing their lights as they drove past the bus.

Just minutes after the driver pulled over and ordered the students off the bus it burst into flames.

Hockey equipment worth tens of thousands of pounds was destroyed in the blaze.

Josh Darlington, chair of selection for the university hockey team, said: “Probably 15 minutes later the whole bus was on fire.

“It’s our big club outing. All the men’s teams go to Manchester and it’s the first time for the freshers on an away day. Most of them lost keys on the bus and all of our kit and equipment went up in flames.”

Firefighters extinguished the flames but the bus was destroyed in the incident on Wednesday night.

Joe Kopka, a first team player said: “Despite the blaze and loss of belongings, everyone was in particularly high spirits, with the exception of a few. One poor bloke had left his £800 camera on the bus and was almost in tears.

"If there was a group of lads to get stuck with on the side of the motorway, whilst our bus is on fire, this would be the lot.”