Bus ‘blinds’ colour must be changed

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I AM WRITING in response to the article published about bus ‘blinds’ on page 14 of the Star on July 23.

I am astounded by the out-of-touch bus companies when it comes to people with defective eyesight.

I am almost blind and I cannot see red, being colourblind as well. When the colour mixes with daylight sun (which is of course red), it makes red or orange impossible to see.

This includes bus numbers (‘blinds’), bus timetables at stops, traffic lights or vehicle indicators.

Whenever I want to get on a bus, I am so afraid of getting on the wrong bus.

I do ask the driver though to make sure this is the right bus, but I feel this is wasting the driver’s time and we all have had those times where we grumble at people taking ages to get on a bus.

I already have written to Stagecoach about this issue in 2010 alongside an unrelated complaint, and in an official response letter from Stagecoach Sheffield, I was told by leading driver David Myers, Holbrook: “As to the destination blinds, they are to the Disability Discrimination Act standard on all our vehicles.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this. I am disabled and this statement does not comply with the fact that I cannot read the blinds at all.

Back in the eighties and nineties when the buses were controlled by South Yorkshire Transport, the blinds were very easily readable, a sort of bright green/white colour. This sort of colour needs to return.

One would like to think that with technology available to us, such as really bright OLED lighting, bus companies would use a really bright white colour so anyone could see them in any light.

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