Burglary victim’s drugs arrest

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A TENANT who contacted police to report a burglary ended up under arrest himself – after officers found cannabis growing in his loft.

Ian Craig, aged 40, of Gresley Road, Lowedges, Sheffield, was found to be in possession of 13 mature marijuana plants by officers called to investigate the break-in, Sheffield County Court was told.

Craig was given a caution for the cultivation of a controlled Class B drug but was not prosecuted due to undisclosed circumstances.

The crime usually attracts a jail sentence.

But Sheffield Council and Sheffield Homes served him with a notice seeking possession and issued possession proceedings at Sheffield County Court.

At a hearing which Craig did not attend, Sheffield Homes was granted a possession order – he has 14 days to move out.

Judge Robert Moore said he was ‘satisfied’ the tenancy had been breached and it was reasonable to make a possession order given the serious nature of the offence.

He said cannabis of such a quantity might usually attract a sentence of 30 to 40 weeks imprisonment, and was serious enough to justify a possession order.

Craig must pay £500 costs too.