Burglars visited at home in crackdown on crime in Doncaster

Police officers are visiting burglars at homePolice officers are visiting burglars at home
Police officers are visiting burglars at home
Burglars in Doncaster are being visited by police officers at their homes in a new crackdown on break-ins.

Police chiefs stress that offences are not on the increase, and that they have seen a 40 per cent reduction over recent weeks, but they want to drive figures down further.

They are concentrating on offenders known for stealing cars after breaking into homes for the keys.

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A number of offences have been reported in Cantley and Bessacarr.

Officers are visiting convicted burglars on licence from prison after serving time behind bars, as well as those on bail.

Detective Chief Inspector Jade Brice said: "There hasn’t been a sudden spike, in fact we have seen a 40 per cent reduction in recent weeks. However we are targeting offenders specifically involved in stealing cars once they have stolen the keys in burglaries known as two in one offences.

"We are conducting directed patrols to identify offenders and if need be, pursue them in the commission of any criminal acts.

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"In addition we are visiting known offenders who are either on bail or on temporary licence to provide support, build intelligence and identify any breaches in relation to licence or bail conditions.

"Victims of burglary feel particularly vulnerable due to the intrusive nature of this crime. Nobody likes to think of someone entering their home and stealing their property whether it’s electrical items being sought, valuable jewellery, often handed down through families or their cars which they have worked hard for."

Anyone with information on those involved in burglaries should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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